Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pre-Holiday Bliss

Selfie, Scott Pierson Trail

There's something wonderful about riding in the late afternoon. For one, I get to sleep in to my heart's content. But there's also the added bonus of avoiding the crowd, whether it be motorized or pedestrian traffic. As far as the seasons go for the Pacific Northwest, the weather has been kind lately. In between freezing temps, windstorms, and long bouts of rain, every weekend for the past five weeks has had at least one dry and sunny day.

With the upcoming Thanksgiving week approaching, I'm mentally preparing for my traditional visits with family and friends. This time of year is always a mixed bag. I get anxious about going home and falling back into old family dynamics. On the surface, there's usually the cordial homecoming atmosphere that starts off every holiday. Then with each passing day, tensions build-up over silly little things that really mask the history of us. Still, I can't help but make the annual trek year after year. After all, who knows how many more years we'll have together?

So before I kicked-off this holiday season of stress and loathing, I squeeze in one final ride in solitude. It was just late enough in the afternoon that the roads were mostly deserted. It also didn't hurt that folks were gathered indoors to watch the Seahawks play the Cardinals. (The Hawks would later win 19-3.) I soaked in the pleasure of the calm and quietness, pedaling through downed branches and puddles, small and large, from clogged storm drains and dips in the road.

It's likely I won't get out for another ride anytime soon. But then again, I've been on a great streak.

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